The secret to successful workforce development

Personal fulfilment is at the core of a thriving workforce and the secret to successful workforce development. When your employees feel valued and appreciated; they will improve their performance, which in turn increases organizational productivity and ultimately leads to maximized profits with purpose.

At EQ C&C, we help organizations achieve long-term results by tackling the root causes of poor performance and low productivity. We work with the PERMA model which is Professor Seligman’s theoretical model of happiness (PERMA). Professor Seligman is known as the founder of Positive Psychology, and is a leading authority in the fields of resilience, learned helplessness, depression, optimism and pessimism. The PERMA model helps us better understand the scientific meaning of happiness.

We also use the VIA Institute on Character to survey your workforce’s character strengths. People who use their personality strengths every day are six times more likely to be positively engaged at work and feel personally fulfilled.

We focus on translating this learning and these findings into practical, sustainable and creative solutions to help multinational organizations build flourishing workforces.  In addition to offering group-focused workshops, we also offer in-house organizational coaching services for individual members of your workforce.

Positive Emotions: Employees who feel good and experience positive emotions in their work.
Engagement: Employees who are highly engaged and feel fulfilled in their job.
Relationships: Employees who develop and maintain emotionally intelligent relationships with their colleagues.
Meaning: Employees who experience purpose and meaning through their work.
Accomplishments: Ambitious employees who take pride in their achievements at work.

Obtaining a high level of performance from employees and increasing the innovation potential remains a constant challenge for organizations. These challenges are even more complex as digital transformation continues to disrupt the workplace in the 21st Century.

A personally fulfilled workforce will lead to greater performance in executing organizational strategy, and meeting customer needs. The findings from the PERMA model and the use of character strengths demonstrate the direct correlation between meaning, purpose and performance.

At EQ C&C, we help your workforce navigate challenges such as performing under pressure; collaborative communication; delivering projects on time, within scope and cost; producing high-quality deliverables; successful stakeholder engagement strategies; and enhanced interpersonal relations in the workplace.

Greater personal fulfillment leads to improved performance levels, which in turn leads to greater output and efficiency across your organization. People with higher performance levels will spend less time and effort in completing their tasks. This will lead to greater workforce output and therefore increase organizational productivity levels.

At EQ C&C, we focus on helping organizations deliver more. We believe that by leveraging individual strengths across your workforce, and implementing customized programs focused on personal growth and well-being, organizations will be able to obtain improved performance and increased productivity levels from their employees.

Investing in our first three P’s – Greater Personal Fulfillment, Improved Performance and Increased Productivity – ultimately leads to Maximized Profits.

Staying relevant in the digital age is a challenge many organizations grapple with. Delivering high-quality innovative services and products in an age of relentless competition and fast-pace technology developments is costing organizations millions annually.

At EQ C&C, we focus on helping organizations obtain a competitive advantage by leveraging their workforce’s full potential as a result of investing in our first three P’s. A thriving workforce leads to increased customer loyalty and retention levels, better organizational reputation and a stronger brand.

Equally, attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent will generate increased sustainable profits. Ultimately, our Five P’s formula will help organizations implement a long-term and sustainable workforce development strategy which will lead to greater economies of scale, an expanded customer base, and maximized profits.

Whether you are a commercial business or a not-for-profit organization, profit without purpose is unsustainable in the long-term. According to a recent research report for the Harvard Business Review, leaders across 28 companies found that when managers put purpose at the core of their business strategy, both the company and its employees benefited significantly. These companies were able to use purpose to “generate sustained profitable growth”, stay relevant in a rapidly changing world, and strengthen ties with their stakeholders.

At EQ C&C, we help organizations translate their mission and vision across organizational layers with purpose. From secretary to senior executive, Nadja has worked at all organizational levels in the workforce for almost two decades. She is uniquely qualified to translate strategic objectives to different target groups and help them relate their own work to the bigger purpose of their organization.

Implementing our Five P’s Formula

Decades of research and findings illustrate that organizations who hire people from different backgrounds, sectors, cultures tap into the full organizational potential and increase their financial performance. Implementing diversity in its broadest sense remains a challenge for many organizations.

Locating and attracting the right talent that fits your organizational culture requires re-thinking your workforce development strategy for the 21st Century and is at the heart of implementing our Five P’s formula.

For example, these are some key questions an organization should consider:

  • What are our core values and how do we develop these?
  • How do we attract diverse talent who are aligned with our organizational values?
  • How do we communicate our organizational mission, vision and objectives to members of different generations?
  • How do we offer a thriving and safe work environment for diverse professionals from different backgrounds and across generations?

At EQ C&C, we help organizations attract the right talent by developing a comprehensive workforce development strategy and communications plan. Nadja is a certified digital marketeer with nearly two decades of experience in working with all generations from different backgrounds and sectors. She is uniquely qualified to advise senior management on how to find and attract the right talent for your organization in the digital age.

The successful implementation of our Five P’s formula is rooted in a comprehensive and a long-term recruitment strategy. Assessing the likely performance and productivity levels of your future workforce will set your organization up for success from the start.

We offer the EQ-i 2.0 survey assessment tool, which helps organizations predict the likely performance levels for a specific job or project requirements. Based on the results of the individual reports, we advise the hiring managers on each candidate’s emotional intelligence strengths and blind spots.

Below is a snapshot of all the available types of reports provided by Nadja El Fertasi EQ CC.

The workplace report is designed for use in a wide variety of coaching and development situations and work settings. We use the results of the report to advice and help our clients with recruitment processes, talent management by identifying potential training and professional development needs, and re-integration of employees in the workforce.

The EQ-i 2.0 leadership report is a self-report that examines EQ-i 2.0 results through four key dimensions of leadership: Authenticity, Coaching, Insight, and Innovation. As an option, the results can be compared against those of top leaders, creating a coaching benchmark for exceptional EQ leadership performance.


The EQ-360 feedback report assesses emotional intelligence from a multi-rater, self/others’ perspective. EQ 360 feedback forms are completed by the participant’s coworkers, supervisors, direct reports, or significant others. Results from the self-report form and feedback forms are scored together to result in a more complete (or 360-degree) assessment of an individual’s emotional intelligence.

The EQ-i 2.0 group report combines the EQ-i 2.0 scores of the team’s individual workplace report, so that interpretations to be made at the group or team level.

High employee retention in organizations is a direct result of the successful implementation of our Five P’s formula. By investing in our formula, companies can ensure greater employee retention which will result in significant reduced costs related to hiring, on-boarding programs and re-training skillsets. In addition, greater employee retention will result in minimal disruption of your service and product delivery.

At EQ C&C, we help organizations implement viable workforce strategies focused on robust employee retention.  We offer customized programs focused on stress-management, burnout prevention and re-integration into the workforce.

Cultivating emotional intelligence in leaders across all organization levels is a pre-requisite for successfully implementing our Five P’s formula. An emotionally intelligent leader is at the heart of a flourishing organizational culture rooted in trust, transparency, and purpose. In this industrialized world, most employees desire consumer-like experiences. Stable jobs that pay well and give recognition are no longer sufficient. People want meaning and purpose, a sense of calling, and jobs that are crafted to their unique personalities. They want flexibility and tasks that stimulate, and perhaps most of all, they want to feel safe when expressing their “authentic selves”. All employers know that they must cater to these significant expectations to be serious competitors in the war for talent.

On the other hand, an organization must also deliver on its organizational objectives and meet the demands of its shareholders, stakeholders and customers.

At EQ C&C, we help senior and middle management leverage, navigate and maximize their emotional intelligence. We help leaders increase their self-awareness and leverage their social intelligence when leading and managing a diverse workforce. Nadja’s extensive experience working with leaders, including CEOs and military leaders, makes her uniquely qualified to develop and deliver innovative strategies tailored to your organization.


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